Adrienn Rudolf Costume Designer


FBI: International

Adrienn designed costumes for the hit series FBI: International throughout it's first three seasons. Over the course of more than 30 episodes Adrienn designed more than 500 characters.

MARS - National Geographic

As costume workshop supervisor Adrienn participated in the heroic undertaking of bringing the famous Halo series alive to the TV screens.

Red Sparrow

Worked together as assistant costume designer with Oscar nominee Trish Summerville on the feature film Red Sparrow. The heavily stylish film gave her experience on how to work with contemporary costume design around the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Irons, Joel Edgerton just to name a few from the film's cast.

The Embrace - short

Adrienn earned her first award for costume design with the short film the Embrace, directed by Gabriel Motta. The short received the jury's official award for best costume design on the short film festival Curta Taquary in Brasil.

Fleming - The man who whould be Bond

Adrienn really excels and has a natural touch with the II. world war era of costumes. She worked together as assistant costume designer with Caroline Harris on the limited series "Fleming" which tells the story of famous James Bond-author Ian Fleming - which was not short of essential style and elegance.

Adrienn's first big contemporary experience came from working with costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark on "Spy". The costume and actor extravaganza feature film directed by the always stylish Paul Feig had a fantastic cast roster like Melissa Mccarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Bobby Canavale all of them rocking various styles covering everything there is to know about contemporary costume design.


Worked together with Oscar winner Gabriella Pescucci as her assistant costume designer over the course of 3 seasons of the Showtime hit series The Borgias. As a show driven by fantastic costumes - which earned 3 Primetime Emmys in a row for the costume team - Adrienn learned and helped in every aspect there is on how to create costumes on the highest level in film and television.

The Borgias

As assistant costume designer Adrienn was responsible for creating the MARS series' high tech space suits amongst helping the overall look of the show. The show marked Adrienn's second collaboration with costume designer Caroline Harris.

Halo - Season 1

About Adrienn

Adrienn Rudolf has studied costume design for 5 years at the university of Florence, Italy. Upon getting her degree she started working in the film and television industry as an assistant costume designer. Over the course of her career she has worked with household costume designers on huge projects like Oscar winner Gabriella Pescucci, Oscar nominee Trish Summerville, BAFTA nominee Caroline Harris, Oscar nominee Lisy Christl just to name a few and picked up all the necessary experience to become a costume designer on her own right. Due to her studies and experience Adrienn is more than comfortable designing historical pieces just as contemporary or even projects set in the future where imagination has to take over.

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